TAGLens - PRE1498(3)

PRE1498(3) Optical Measuring Varifocal Lens TAGLENSTM

2 Ultra-deep focus eliminates the limitations of the conventional lens TAGLENS O p t i c a l i m a g i n g c a n b e c o m p l i c a t e d : o b s e r v a t i o n t a r g e t d i s t a n c e m a y v a r y d u e t o a t i l t o r c o m p l e x g e o m e t r y , t a r g e t m a y b e i n m o t i o n , a n d m o r e t h a n o n e t a r g e t m a y b e c a p t u r e d i n t h e f r a m e . I n s u c h s i t u a t i o n s , T A G L E N S k e e p s t h e e n t i r e i m a g i n g v o l u m e i n f o c u s r e s o l v i n g t h e i n e v i t a b l e p r o b l e m o f t h e c o n v e n t i o n a l o p t i c a l s y s t e m s . O m n i f o c a l s h o o t i n g p r o v i d e s i m p r o v e d p r o d u c t i v i t y t h r o u g h e n h a n c e d i m a g i n g e f f i c i e n c y a n d r e d u c e d c o s t s .

3 In combination with TAGLENS-T1, this ultra-high-speed LED pulsed light source device captures focused images at the desired height as well as focus stacking, etc. Using this product and TAGLENS software (TAGPAK-C), you can adjust the brightness and focus position. Illumination light source: Pulsed Light Source (PLS) Lighting system Luminous color Maximum light output*1 Dimming range Dimming system (Controlled by TAGPAK-C) Light guiding system Number of optical fiber output channels Pulse input Trigger IN jack Frequency (resonant frequency of the TAGLENS-T1) input pulse width Pulse output Optical pulse width (full width at half maximum) *2 Extenal trigger input *3 Interface Power consumption Operating temperature range Dimensions Mass Pulsed lighting White 30 lm 0 to 100 % 1) Variable input pulse width 2) Pulse decimation Optical fiber light guide system 1 ch 75 kHz or less 10 ns to 85 ns 50 ns to 100 ns ・ Trigger IN: Periodic signal from the TAG controller Input synchronized pulse signal ・ Camera IN: Camera trigger signal (as needed) USB 2.0 Max. 25W 5 to 40 ºC,80 % RH max. 169.2 mm (W) × 133.2 mm (D) × 115.6 mm (H) 2.7 kg *1 Lighting frequency: 70 kHz, Input pulse width: 80 ns Light guide: 2 m long, multicomponent glass fiber *2 Width of emission pulse ( Varies with input pulse width) *3 SMB connector, 5V TTL SPECIFICATIONS Ultra-high-speed varifocal lens. A dedicated controller and a control software TAGPAK-C are offered as a standard product. Resonance frequency 70 kHz Effective aperture ø11 mm Transmittance 90% or more ( λ400 nm to 700 nm) Max. amplitude of optical power 1 D (total range 2D) Min. amplitude of optical power 0.7 D (total range 1.4D) Mounting angle Any Guaranteed operational temperature range 15 ℃ to 30 ℃ Operating Environment / Humidity 10 ℃ to 40 ℃ / 40% to 70% RH (non-condensing) Storage Environment / Humidity -10 ℃ to 50 ℃ / 80% RH or less (non-condensing) Mass Approx. 0.6 kg TA G L E N S m a i n u n i t Dimensions(W × D × H) 144.2 mm × 107 mm × 51.2 mm Mass Approx. 0.4 kg Input +12V (Attached AC adapter) Power supply voltage AC 100 V to 240 V 50 Hz / 60 Hz Power consumption Max. 20 W C o n t r o l l e r TAGLENS-T1 Note: Not available for M Plan Apo HR 5X and 10X. * Total in focus range without TAGLENS. Tube lens magnification 1X Imaging FOV (diagonal) ø11 mm Applicable objective lenses M Plan Apo Series Options Manual turret, Power turret, Polarizer and Analyzer, Focusing unit, X-Y stage, Simple stand Microscope unit for configuring a varifocal optical system by incorporating the TAGLENS-T1, the objective lens and the camera. Video Microscope Unit VMU-T1 M Plan Apo Series Objective lens 1X 2X 5X 7.5X 10X 20X 50X Depth of focus × 2 (mm)* 0.88 0.18 0.028 0.012 0.007 0.003 0.0018 Z scan range (mm) 16 4 0.64 0.28 0.16 0.04 0.007 Real FOV (mm) 1/2" camera 4.8 × 6.4 2.4 × 3.2 0.96 × 1.28 0.64 × 0.85 0.48 × 0.64 0.24 × 0.32 0.096 × 0.128 2/3" camera 6.6 × 8.8 3.3 × 4.4 1.32 × 1.76 0.88 × 1.17 0.66 × 0.88 0.33 × 0.44 0.132 × 0.176 ■ V a r i a b l e f o c a l l e n g t h r a n g e

4 A P P L I CAT I O N S T A G L E N S g i v e s p r o m p t s o l u t i o n s t o p r o b l e m s i n i n s p e c t i o n a n d o b s e r v a t i o n . S o m e a p p l i c a t i o n e x a m p l e s u s i n g T A G L E N S a r e i n t r o d u c e d h e r e a f t e r . Inspection of electronic / precision components High-speed imaging 350 μ m Components Circuit board 240 μ m 0 μ m Eliminates the need for focus adjustment, thus achieving effective inspection. Example: Semiconductor flaw inspection Printed circuitry ・ Inspection time for electronic and precision parts, etc., needs to be reduced. ・ Equipment costs need to be reduced. P r o b l e m ・ A large depth of focus even in a high-magnification observat i on e l iminates the need for focus adjustment, improving the inspection efficiency. ・ Eliminates the use of a mechanical auto focus drive unit, achieving cost saving of inspection devices. S o l u t i o n ・EDOF・Auto Focus ・Multi Focus・Focus Stacking・TAGLENS-3D Proposed Functions The high-speed shooting of a costly crash test is successfully completed at one try thanks to a large depth of focus. Example: Crash test ・ Instantaneous shooting of a crash test results in defocusing of scattered chips. ・ Completion with a single trial is needed because of destructive test. P r o b l e m ・ Allows shooting of deep images at a time, thus capturing all scattered chips. S o l u t i o n ・EDOF・Focus Stacking Proposed Functions

5 Measurement of minute particles and floating matter On a robot ・ Auto Focus・Multi Focus・Mixed Image ・ TAGLENS-3D・EDOF Proposed Functions ・ Observation target heights and distances require the use of robots, leading to a complex and expensive system. P r o b l e m ・E xcellent focus expansion effects and long scan range. ・ Wide field of view ・ Realizes reduced system costs. S o l u t i o n Machine vision Distant observation is possible with a machine vision lens Example: Inspection of large parts for defects Allows inspection of a workpiece with the camera mounted on a robot arm. Example: Inspection using a robot. ・ It takes time to observe a workpiece from various angles with the camera mounted on a robot arm. P r o b l e m ・ The large depth of focus eliminates the need for focus adjustment and allows observation from various angles, thus contributing to time-saving of observation. S o l u t i o n ・EDOF・Multi Focus・Mixed Image Proposed Functions Absolutely allows observation of target objects with a large depth of focus. Example: Observation of minute bubbles in glass / liquid ・ The 3D positions of particles cannot be captured. ・ The deeply-located particles cannot be focused sharply. ・ Focus on floating matter in liquids is not possible. P r o b l e m ・ Allows all the particles spread in a wide range to come into focus. ・ Enables the 3D positions of spatially-moving particles to be determined from each focusing position. ・TAGLENS can be used in microfluidic channels. S o l u t i o n ・Auto Focus・Multi Focus・Mixed Image ・TAGLENS-3D Proposed Functions

6 T A G L E N S , t h e b r e a k t h r o u g h u l t r a - f a s t v a r i f o c a l l e n s , w i l l a l w a y s k e e p y o u r s a m p l e i n f o c u s , e n a b l i n g t h e h i g h e s t o b s e r v a t i o n a n d m e a s u r e m e n t e f f i c i e n c y . A B I L I T Y Function List EDOF 3ch Mixed Image Multi Focus Focus Stacking TAGLENS-3D Function All-focused image generation Arbitrary crosssection observation Simultaneous observation of multiple focal planes within one frame Simultaneous observation of multiple focal planes in individual windows All-focused image generation 3D display height map generation Lighting equipment Continuous light source Pulsed light source Pulsed light source Pulsed light source Pulsed light source Pulsed light source Image quality Good Excellent Very good Excellent Excellent ー Throughput Fast: Postprocessing is also possible Very fast Very fast Fast: Depends on number of divisions Fast: Depends on number of stacked images Good Height output ー ー ー ー ー Available

7 ・ A focused image in any specified Z-position can be captured without mechanical drive system within the observation range at an extended depth of focus. ・ Multiple images focused in given Z-positions can be captured. C a p t u r i n g v a r i o u s Z p l a n e s i s n o w p o s s i b l e w i t h o u t m o v i n g p a r t s Up to 20 cross-sectional images at arbitrary heights can be captured simultaneously Until now, imaging of objects with differing heights and depths was performed by taking multiple photographs while moving the camera vertically (Z-axis motion). In contrast, TAGLENS allows simultaneous probing of multiple heights or depths. Moreover, a captured image is displayed in real time. The focus range is variable without changing the camera position D u r i n g n o r m a l f o c u s i n g W h e n u s i n g T A G L E N S Multi Focus EDOF (Extended Depth of Focus) Improve inspection efficiency using TAGLENS with its ultra-wide focus range

8 2D image composite from Z-stack and 3D image Furthermore, 3D imaging with the aid of commercial 3D Viewer software 3D shapes can be captured without mechanical action in the height direction ・Select Z-Adjust with dedicated chart or Nominal Z-Adjust with theoretical values. ・Using the height information obtained from Z-Adjust/Nominal Z-Adjust for TAGLENS-3D, point cloud data can be generated. *Z-Adjust can be used only in combination with VMU-T1. *3D shape data display/analysis software is to be prepared by the customer. TAGLENS-3D/Z-Adjust 500 µm Base GB High-speed focusing without mechanical action ・Contrast peak position is determined from the images captured during the focal sweep. ・After image acquisition, It takes only 10 ms to determine the focus position. *With Mitutoyo demonstration system Auto Focus Dedicated Chart for Z-Adjust For 1X For 2X For 5X / 7.5X / 10X Objective Lens M Plan Apo 1X 2X 5X 7.5X 10X 20X Depth of focus (DOF) [mm] without TAGLENS-3D 0.88 ( ± 0.44) 0.18 ( ± 0.09) 0.028 ( ± 0.014) 0.012 ( ± 0.006) 0.007 ( ± 0.0035) 0.003 ( ± 0.0015) TAGLENS Scan Range [mm] 16 4.0 0.640 0.280 0.160 0.040 AF Range [mm] with TAGLENS-3D ( ) shows extension ratio with normal objective lens 12 (13.6 times) 3.0 (16.6 times) 0.500 (17.8 times) 0.225 (18.8 times) 0.120 (17.1 times) 0.025 (8.3 times)

9 Target workpiece: Step 1 mm All-focused image All-focused images generated from multiple cross-sectional images Up to 3 cross-sectional images can be mixed for display within one frame ・Contrast peak position is extracted and synthesized from images captured while changing focal position (image stack). ・After obtaining the image stack, output to other companies’ focus stacking software is also possible. *Image upload file type varies by company specifications ・Multiple height observation with TAGLENS at camera maximum frame rates. ・Ideal for observation targets requiring different brightness, as multiple pulsed light sources can be exposed within one frame. Focus Stacking Mixed Image I m a g e S t a c k i n g R a n g e ( Z r a n g e) As well as 1X to 20X objective lenses, 50X, HR50X, SL20X, and SL50X can also be used. Objective Lens M Plan Apo 1X 2X 5X 7.5X 10X 20X Depth of focus (DOF) [mm] without TAGLENS 0.88 ( ± 0.44) 0.18 ( ± 0.09) 0.028 ( ± 0.014) 0.012 ( ± 0.006) 0.007 ( ± 0.0035) 0.003 ( ± 0.0015) Stacking range [mm] with TAGLENS ( ) shows extension ratio with normal objective lens 16 (18.2 times) 4.0 (22.2 times) 0.640 (22.8 times) 0.280 (23.3 times) 0.160 (22.8 times) 0.040 (13.3 times) TAGLENS ON TAGLENS OFF

10 With a function converting images captured with a TAGLENS-enabled optical system into extended depth of focus images (EDOF images), various EDOF image-related parameters can be set and images can be saved and uploaded. (I/O-enabled still image file types are .bmp, .tiff, .png, and .jpeg) *EDOF: Extended Depth of Focus Viewer functions in available for the following modes: EDOF, Multi Focus (up to 4 cross-sections), Mixed Image. This software is included as standard in the TAGLENS-T1 E Set. *Compatible camera interfaces: USB3 Vision, GigEVision *To use the Multi Focus function, a separate camera trigger cable is required. … … … TAGLENS Focusing position Pulse lighting Camera exposure Workpiece Time Time Time Camera Pulsed Light Source Face D Face C Face B Face A Face D Face C Face B Face A Face D Face C Face A Face B Face D Face C Face A Face B Face D Face C Face A Face B Note 1: PC is not included. Note 2: For TAGPAK-E, some functions are available as SDK (Software Development Kit), enabling their integration into your software. *When using only TAGPAK-C, use a camera driver provided by the manufacturer to control the camera. Items System specifications OS Windows10 Pro 64bit PC CPU Clock frequency 2.0 GHz or more Memory 8 GB or more Hard disk 25 GB or more Optical Drive DVD-ROM Drive for installation software Communication port For TAGLENS control USB 2.0 × 1 port or RS-232C × 1 port For Pulsed Light Source control USB 2.0 × 1 port For camera control LAN (1000BASE-T) × 1 port (for GigE VISION camera) USB 3.0 × 1 port (for USB3 VISION camera) Dongle USB 2.0 × 1 port Monitor SXGA(1024×768 Pixel) or more Note: TAGPAK does not support High DPI monitor. TAGPAK-E Optional Software (Required for checking the inspection images.) TAGPAK-C Supplied as standard TAGPAK-C is software for setting the parameters to control "TAGLENS" and "Pulsed Light Source for TAGLENS". This is included "TAGLENS-T1". Software for setting the parameters controlling TAGLENS and Pulsed Light Source (PLS) for TAGLENS. Pulse output functions in available for the following modes: Multi Focus, Mixed Image, and 3ch. As well, a software development kit (SDK) is included to enable use of functions such as Auto Focus, Focus Stacking, TAGLENS-3D, and Z-Adjust, thus making it easy to equip on the system in use. *The software required to use this function is to be prepared by the customer. *To view camera images, use the optional TAGPAK-E Viewer function or prepare a viewer compatible with the camera in use. S O F T WA R E

11 [ Sy s t e m d i a g r a m ] *1 The standard accessory set supplied with software TAGPAK-E. *2 Please prepare a light guide for the light sources separately. Following light guides are available for the "LED light source" and "Pulsed Light Source". 1) Multi-component glass C520-065 2m C520-075 5m C520-076 8m 2) Plastic C520-077 2m C520-078 5m C520-079 8m ・ Transmittance decreases if the light guide gets longer ・ Transmittance of plastic is lower than multi-component glass *3 The light guide included in the halogen illumination unit can NOT be used for the "LED light source" and "Pulsed Light Source". *4 Please contact Mitutoyo as power cable is different to each region. *5 A flat base is included with the TAGLENS chart set. ■ Optional TAGLENS ■ Optional peripheral equipment TAGLENS-T1 3 7 9 - 0 1 0 - 1 A TAGLENS-T1 E-SET*1 3 7 9 - 0 1 1 - 1 A VMU-T1 3 7 9 - 1 1 0 Focus unit A 3 7 8 - 7 0 5 Simple stand 3 7 8 - 7 3 0 X-Y stage 3 7 8 - 0 2 0 Revolver for VMU (aligning, parfocal) 3 7 8 - 7 1 7 Manual turret 3 7 8 - 7 0 7 Aligning motor revolver 3 7 8 - 7 1 3 Polarized unit 3 7 8 - 7 1 0 Transmitted light unit 3 7 8 - 7 3 6 Objective M P l a n A p o S e r i e s USB3 Vision or GiGE Vision supported camera (C mount) e . g . 1 . 3 - m e g a p i x e l U S B c o l o r c a m e r a / C a m e r a c o n n e c t i n g c a b l e C 5 3 1 - 0 4 3 / C 1 7 7 - 0 4 5 Halogen fiber-optic Illumination unit 100 W*3 378-700* 4 Halogen fiber-optic Illumination unit 150 W*3 176-316* 4 Pulsed Light Source / Light guide*2 3 7 9 - 2 0 0 A Pu l s e l i gh t n i ng L E D l i g h t s o u r c e / L i g h t g u i d e* 2 P l e a s e c o n t a c t M i t u t o y o . LED RING (for FS Objectives) P l e a s e c o n t a c t M i t u t o y o . Con t i nuou s l i gh t n i ng TAGLENS chart 1X Set *5 0 2 AV B 7 7 2 TAGLENS chart 2X Set *5 0 2 AV B 7 7 3 TAGLENS chart 5 to 10X Set *5 0 2 AV B 7 7 4 TAGLENS chart 1X 0 2 AV B 7 4 0 TAGLENS chart 2X 0 2 AV B 7 6 9 TAGLENS chart 5 to 10X 0 2 AV B 7 7 0 Unit: mm 115.6 (156.9) (120) 169.2 133.2 3-M4 depth 5 120° Equi-spaced 3-M4 depth 5 120° Equi-spaced 2-ø3H7 depth 3 2-ø3H7 depth 3 85 74.3 43.5 43.5 59.8 33 ø60 P.C.D. 50 P.C.D.50 ø60 3-M3 depth 6 144.2 21.5 89 30.5 15.5 18 15.5 24.5 24.5 49 141 51.2 107 94.4 Emblem (Identical hole pattern on opposite side) 6-M4x0.7 depth 8 C-mount Fiber-optic port 106 ø 43 28 12.1 ø 50 ø 60 103 27 ø60 43.5 20.5 3 47 71.6 2 27 27 2 170.3 P u l s e d L i g h t S o u r c e P L S < C o n t r o l l e r > TAG L E N S -T 1 < M a i n u n i t > V M U -T 1 D I M E N S I O N S

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