2 Measurement Data Wireless Communication System U-WAVE The U-WAVE system enables easy wi reless data communicat ion from a measur ing tool to a PC using the Digimat ic protocol . Measurement workabi l i ty is improved by el iminat ing the long and cumbersome data cables usual ly requi red and the userfr iendly interface al lows data to be loaded into any software product that accepts keyboard input , such as Excel* or Notepad. U-WAVE-R U-WAVE-T The U-WAVEPAK, U-WAVE-R standard package features a keyboard interface function. This allows measurement data to be easily loaded to a PC in Excel, Notepad or other format that accepts numeric value input via a keyboard. One commercially available CR2032 lithium battery can be used for about 400,000 data transmissions. Assuming that the device is used twenty days a month, sending data 2,000 times a day, one battery would last for about ten months. In addition, a virtual COM driver allows measurement data to be input to a program that supports RS-232C serial communication. However, note that the communication speed (baud rate) is fixed to 57,600 bps. The U-WAVE-T main unit has two LEDs and a buzzer* that can be used to check if sent data was successfully received. *Beep indication is supported by the buzzer type No.02AZD880D only. · The green LED blinks when data is successfully received. · A short beep sounds twice. · The red LED blinks when data reception fails. · A long beep sounds once. Note: According to the radio regulations the use of this product is permitted in the specified countries and regions. (details on page 6). This product must not be used in other countries or areas. U-WAVE-R loads data received from U-WAVE-T onto a PC software package via a USB port U-WAVE-T units transmit data from measuring tools to U-WAVE-R IP67-type U-WAVE-T (No.02AZD730D) has an IP67-level dust/ water-proof function. This model can be used in combination with, for example, a coolant-proof caliper, micrometer or indicator. *Excel is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation. Easy loading in Excel format Dustproof and water resistant IP67 model Approximately 400,000 data transmissions Reception is repor ted by LEDs (and a beep sound). Patent pending ( Japan) Measurement data can be input to a standard software package U-WAVE-T

3 U-WAVE Up to 100 U-WAVE-T units can be registered with one U-WAVE-R unit, and up to 16 U-WAVE-R units can be connected via a commercially available USB hub. MUX-10F (up to 4 wired channels) U-WAVE (up to 100 wireless channels) S c a l a b i l i t y f o r measuring tool expansion ID=00 ID=01 · · · · · · · · · · · · · ID=99 Up to 16 U-WAVE-R units can be connected to one PC The maximum reliable communication range is approximately 20 m*. Even when multiple U-WAVE-R units are used within the range of 20 m, interference does not occur since an ID (00 to 99) is assigned to each unit. Radio interference between U-WAVE-R units can also be avoided by setting different frequencies (selected from 15 bands). *The range achievable depends on the local radio transmission characteristics. Different frequencies ensure no radio interference With a variety of function improvements, this product is now available at a lower price due to substantial cost reductions. Measurement on surface plate With a cordless device, the surface plate and PC desk no longer need to be adjacent, enabling freer layout in the inspection room. Measurement of large workpieces With U-WAVE operators can perform measurement freely walking around the workpiece. There are no cable constraints. Measurement using long measuring tools Long measuring tools are hard to handle, but U-WAVE eliminates cable constraints and improves workability. Up to 100 tools can transmit to each U-WAVE-R Up to 100 measuring tools can be connected to one U-WAVE- R unit Cordless operation improves workability in measurement data recording Data communication range up to 20 m possible Substantial cost reduction compared with conventional Mu-WAVE models 20m F r equency : 2.405 GHz 20m ID=00 ID=99 ID=99 A 4 - d i g i t v a l u e i n * * * * indicates a U-WAVE-T ID. 0 0 9 9 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 9 9 ID=00 ID=01 ID=00 Because different frequencies are used, radio interference does not occur even when multiple devices are used in the same communication range. F r e q u e n c y : 2.475 GHz U AVE

4 Just pressing a switch loads measured data onto a PC through wireless communication. Purchase the following four products ( n 1 to n 4 ) to enable data loading onto your PC. n n 4 Mitutoyo Measuring Tool with Digimatic Output T h i s p r o d u c t c a n b e c o n n e c t e d t o a m e a s u r i n g t o o l t h a t provides Digimatic data output. Digimatic output is Mitutoyo's p r o p r i e t a r y o u t p u t f o r m a t . T h e D i g i m a t i c s p e c i f i c a t i o n s r ema i n u n c h a n g e d s i n c e t h e f i r s t D i g i ma t i c me a s u r i n g t o o l was released. Therefore any tool having a Digimatic port can be used, regardless of whether the instrument is new or old, although note that the connectors on some older instruments are not compat ible wi th the connectors used on the abovelisted cables. Check with the cable list on page 10. Super Caliper CD67-S15PM No.02AZD790A QuantuMike MDE-25MJ No.02AZD790B ABS Digimatic Caliper CD-15CX No.02AZD790C n 2 U-WAVE-T U-WAVE-T sends measurement data to U-WAVE-R. Select IP67 or buzzer model, according to your application. Model U-WAVE-T (IP67 model) U-WAVE-T (buzzer model) Order No. 02AZD730* 02AZD880* Protection Rating IP67 - Data reception indication LEDs Buzzer and LEDs Power supply Lithium battery CR2032×1 Battery life Approx. 400,000 transmissions External dimensions 44 × 29.6 × 18.5 mm Mass 23 g Major specifications of U-WAVE-T St andard acce s s or y : dr i ver · Registered design (Japan) n 3 U-WAVE-T/tool connection A short cable is used to connect a measuring tool to its U-WAVE-T unit. Select the appropriate cable from A to G below (7 types) to suit the measuring tool. Detailed information on cable suitability is given on page 10. A F B C D E G Cable length: 160 mm Clip use example Shipped with a clip for cable fixing Type Order No. A Water-proof model with output button 02AZD790A B Water-proof model with output button 02AZD790B C With data-out button type 02AZD790C D 10-pin plain type 02AZD790D E 6-pin round 02AZD790E F Plain type straight 02AZD790F G Plain type straight water-proof model 02AZD790G The buzzer model has a hole so that you can hear the sound. U-WAVE-T U-WAVE-T connecting cable Measuring Tool with Digimatic Output Digimatic Indicator ID-H0530 No.02AZD790D Some Digimatic measuring tools pictured with suitable connecting cables. The product numbers for the cables are shown underneath the instrument descriptions. *Detailed information on order No. and conformity standards of wireless communication specification is given on page 6.

5 Quick Micro MDQ-30M No.02AZD790E Digimatic Height Gauge HD-30AX No.02AZD790F ABS Digimatic Indicator ID-N112 No.02AZD790G Wh e n t h e d a t a i n p u t b u t t o n i s p r e s s e d , t h e value displayed by the measuring tool is input to the active cell of Excel followed by “Enter” key input. The cursor movement direction after i n p u t ( u p , d own , l e f t o r r i g h t ) c a n b e s e t i n Excel. U-WAVE-R main unit USB 2.0 cable (1 m) Standard U-WAVEPAK setup software Wall installation board · Registered design (Japan) Once the U-WAVEPAK data interface function has been started, received data is converted into a keyboard input and input to the active cell. Communic ation distance of approximately 20 m (in a good transmission/reception location) n 1 U-WAVE-R Model U-WAVE-R Order No. 02AZD810* Power supply USB bus power system Number of U-WAVE-R units that can be connected to one PC Up to 16 Number of U-WAVE-T units that can be connected Up to 100 External dimensions 140 × 80 × 31.6 mm Mass 130 g Major specifications of U-WAVE-R *Detailed information on order No. and conformity standards of wireless communication specification is given on page 6. *Refer to page 6 for specification of U-WAVEPAK (setup software) *Refer to page 6 for wireless communication specification U-WAVE U AVE

6 Specifications of wireless communication Specifications of U-WAVEPAK (setup software) Before using U-WAVEPAK for the first time after purchase, IDs, frequencies, and other settings must be made. The data interface function allows measurement data to be loaded into a PC in Excel, Notepad or other software file that accepts keyboard input. Data can also be input to a program that supports RS-232C serial communication using the virtual COM driver. 1) Operating environment Supported OS: Windows 2000 Professional (SP4 or higher) Windows XP Home Edition (SP2 or higher) Windows XP Professional (SP2 or higher) Windows Vista Windows 7 Other information: USB port needed 2) Initial setup procedure (1) Install the U-WAVEPAK (setup software). (2) Connect the U-WAVE-R main unit to the PC with a USB 2.0 cable. (3) Install the dedicated USB driver and virtual COM driver. (4) Set IDs and frequencies for U-WAVE-R and U-WAVE-T with U-WAVEPAK. (5) Press the DATA button of U-WAVE-T once to write settings into U-WAVE-T. Once this procedure has been performed when using U-WAVE-T for the first time, settings are then stored in the main unit memory. Receives data from U-WAVE-T and loads it onto a PC via a USB connection n 1 U-WAVE-R Wireless standards Conform to IEEE802.15.4 Wireless communication distance Approx. 20 m (within visible range) Wireless communication speed 250 kbps Transmission output 1 mW (0 dBm) or less Modulation method DS-SS (direct sequence spread spectrum) Resistant to interfering signal or noise. Communication frequency 2.4 GHz band (ISM band: universal frequency) Used band 15 channels (2.405 to 2.475GHz at intervals of 5MHz) The noise search function can avoid interference with other communication devices. Note: This product is not compatible with the conventional Mu-WAVE, for which communication specifications are different. Conformity standards ·Japanese conformity standards ARIB STD-T66 ·European conformity standards EN 50371:2002 EN 300 440-1 V1.3.1 EN 300 440-2 V1.1.2 EN 301 489-01 V1.6.1 EN 301 489-03 V1.4.1 ·U.S.A. conformity standards 47 CFR Part 15.247:(Subpart :C) 47 CFR Part 15,(Subpart :B) ·Canada conformity standards RSS-210 (Issue 7) RSS-Gen (Issue 2) ICES 003 (Issue 4) ·Mexican conformity standards COFETEL DEL 13 DE MARZO DE 2006 ·Brazilian conformity standards Resolution 442 and Resolution 506 Note: According to the radio regulations the use of this product is permitted in the following countries or areas. This product must not be used in other countries or areas. Order No. Countries or areas 02AZD810D, 02AZD730D, 02AZD880D Japan, Europe (a total of 32 countries including 27 EU members, 4 EFTA menbers and Turkey), U.S.A. and Canada Mexico (Available for only products labeled with a wireless accreditation label for Mexico) 02AZD810E, 02AZD730E, 02AZD880E Brazil

7 Accessories (optional) Foot switch type connecting cable Connect one of the optional foot switch type connecting cables in place of the standard cable to use the foot switch. Select an appropriate cable that fits the measuring tool to be connected. Or use the foot switch to send data If the standard connecting cable is connected: Data is sent by one press on the switch on the connecting cable connector (U-WAVE-T end). If the foot switch is connected: Data is sent by one press on the optional foot switch (No.937179T). External view and dimensions example Order No.02AZE140F Select a connecting cable from among the following 7 types (A to G) that fits the measuring tool. For detailed information, refer to the list of connecting cables on page 10. Connector type Order No. A Water-proof with switch 02AZE140A B Water-proof with switch 02AZE140B C With switch 02AZE140C D 10-pin plain 02AZE140D E 6-pin round 02AZE140E F Straight type 02AZE140F G Water-proof straight type 02AZE140G To U-WAVE-T To foot switch To measuring tool Flat, straight connector Relay terminal Foot switch connection terminal Switch-equipped water-proof connector Approx. 500mm Approx. 80mm Approx. 80mm Data is output by a contact signal from the foot switch. MONO (ø 3.5) MINIATURE PLUG US Type Order numbers Unit: mm Dimensions U-WAVE-T Standard type connecting cable Digimatic Indicator ID-C112CXB To transmit data, press the DATA switch. Foot switch type connecting cable U-WAVE-T Digimatic Indicator ID-C112CXB Foot switch Data is sent by operating the foot switch. No problem even if both hands are busy. Connecting cables for calipers and micrometers are available. Select a connector type according to the measuring tool to be used. Foot switch (optional) Order No.937179T

8 Accessories (optional) U-WAVE-T Holder Kit A plastic mounting plate is provided to enable the U-WAVE-T unit and measuring tool to be held together by means of adhesive-backed hook and eye fasteners. This method makes attaching/detaching the tool and U-WAVE-T unit quick and convenient. Batteries can be replaced without needing to detach the tool. Major measuring tools intended to use the U-WAVE-T mounting plate Series No. Product name 500 ABS Coolant Proof Caliper CD-PMX/PM/GM Super Caliper CD-SPM ABS Digimatic Caliper CD-CX/C 293 Coolant Proof Micrometer MDC-MJ/MJT/ MDE-MJ 543 ABS Digimatic Indicator ID-CXB/ID-SB Other measuring tools than the above-mentioned can also be used if they have a flat area big enough to accept the detachable fastener (refer to the dimensions on the mounting drawing). However, note that the positional relationship of the connector and U-WAVE-T unit needs to be carefully considered when establishing the connecting cable run. 2-ø2.4 Hole to allow U-WAVE-T unit's battery to be replaced while the unit is still attached to the mounting plate. 20 15 Hole for connecting cable One fastener affixed to this surface Access hole 32.5 61.6 71.6 49.6 U-WAVE-T Instration Kit Part No.02AZE200 Accessories • Detachable fasteners: 2 pieces (mirror-imaged) • Mounting screws: 4 pieces (including 2 spares) Dimensions Mounting drawing Unit: mm * To avoid damaging the threaded holes in the plastic body of the U-WAVE-T unit, the mounting screws should be tightened only just sufficiently to grip. Repeated removal of these screws should also be avoided for the same reason. ** In order to avoid loss of adhesion, do not allow oil or coolant to come into contact with the bonding surfaces of the detachable fasteners. Mounting screws, round-head Phillips type, nominal size 2.0x4 (2 pieces) * Detachable fasteners (adhesive backed) Connecting cable U-WAVE-T Mounting holes (2 positions) * Detachable fastener dimensions 30.5 13 20 10 Sumitomo 3M Dual Lock Reclosable Fastener is employed for the removable sheet. This is equivalent to commercially available Scotch 3M Fastener Tape DK-94. U-WAVE-T Unit: mm

9 The mounting plate in use SuperCaliper CD67-S15PM QuantuMike MDE-25MJ Digimatic Indicator ID-C112XB Typical fastener locations on measuring tools Front view Rear view Side view Digimatic Indicator A flat back type is recommended. The fastener can be affixed to a lug-type backplate i f i t i s pos i t ioned to avoid the lug. ID-C112XB The fastener is attachable to the rear face of the slider unit of almost all models. MDC-25MJ The fastener can be affixed to the rear of the body if the battery cover is avoided. MDC-25M The fastener will not fit on the MDC-25M ( o l d mode l ) , MDQ-30M, e t c . , s i nce t he r e is no space on the rear of the body due to connectors. Unusable Digimatic Caliper Digital Micrometer CD-15CX

10 Example / dimensions / precautions Suppor t of data request from a PC (Event Drive mode) This Event Drive enables data request from the PC end. This system is effective if no operator is in attendance on a measuring tool or if the tool is installed at an inaccessible site. (Data acquisition from a measuring tool such as a Digimatic Indicator mounted on a machine or a jig.) Precautions 1 About battery life: The battery lifespan in the Event Drive mode is shorter than that in the Normal mode (button-drive). Change to the Normal (button-drive) mode after every measurement to extend the battery life span. 2 If using multiple measuring tools: If multiple U-WAVE-T units are connected to one U-WAVE-R unit in the Event Drive mode, a communication error could result due to conflict between the signals when data is transmitted simultaneously from the U-WAVE-T units since they use the same frequency. To avoid any transmission conflict, shift the timing of each measurement or provide enough U-WAVE-R units (a maximum of 16 units are connectable) for each measuring tool and set different frequencies (15 channels). For detailed information, contac t the nearest Mitutoyo Sales Depar tment. Data is automatically transmitted in the Event Drive mode upon change in display value of a measuring tool and thus the latest data is stored in the U-WAVE-R unit. You do not need to press the data switch on the measuring tool. Updated data can be acquired by sending the data request command from a PC to the U-WAVE-R unit. Create a program that supports the data request command as system software by the customer or use Mitutoyo MeasureReport V4.1. U-WAVE-R Automatic transmission of updated data T r a n s m i t t i n g t h e d a t a request command Returning updated data U-WAVE-T

11 Unit: mm U-WAVE-R U-WAVE-T Physical features and dimensions Safety precautions D o n o t u s e t h e U -WAV E - T a n d U -WAV E - R u n i t s n e a r a medi cal dev i ce due to r i sk of caus ing a mal funct ion due to electromagnetic interference. (Refer to Table 2.) Radio law requirements These U-WAVE units have obtained accreditation as 2.4GHzb a n d a d v a n c e d s m a l l - p o w e r d a t a c ommu n i c a t i o n s y s t e m s i n c o m p l i a n c e w i t h t h e r a d i o c o mm u n i c a t i o n l a w s i n t h e specified countries and regions. (Details on page 6) These laws prohibit the disassembly or modification of these units or their use without the accreditation label affixed to the body. Precautions for use in radio communication environments The U-WAVE communication distance is approximately 20 m line-of-sight. The system may not deliver its full performance in an environment detrimental to transmission. (Refer to Table 1.) Feature Effect Concrete wall Disables data communication if any unit is completely enclosed by a concrete wall. Metallic partition or similar structure May reduce communication speed or block data transmission. C o m m u n i c a t i o n d e v i c e s f o r wireless LAN, ZigBee, Bluetooth, etc., or a microwave oven Ma y reduc e commun i c a t i on s peed o r b l oc k da t a t r an smi s s i on . A remedy i s to separate the commun i cat i on channe l (band ID) and i ns t a l l at i on s i t e of each dev i ce as f a r as pos s i b l e f rom the U-WAVE-R unit. Machine tools, etc. May reduce communication speed or block data transmission at worksites where machine tools such as electrical discharge machines, carrier cranes, arc welders, etc., are operating. Table 1 Features that could impair data communication between U-WAVE units Device Effect Medical equipment Using U-WAVE units near a medical device such as a laser surgical knife or electronic scale may cause that device to malfunction. Table 2 Equipment that could be affected by U-WAVE units (red LED) ERROR (green LED) POWER USB connecto INIT. sw 140 80 31.6 140 Device ID label Certification label INIT. switch ERROR (red LED) POWER (green LED) USB connector LED display (buzzer model only) Buzzer Certification label Device ID label Connector cover Battery cover 18.5 16.6 44 29.6 Battery cover Buzzer (buzzer model only) Certification label LED display Device ID label Connector cover 18.5 29.6 44 16.6

12 Two types of connecting cable Cable type AWater-proof with switch B Water-proof with switch CWith switch D10-pin plain E6-pin round F straight type G Water-proof straight type Standard type Order No. 02AZD790A 02AZD790B 02AZD790C 02AZD790D 02AZD790E 02AZD790F 02AZD790G Foot switch type Order No. 02AZE140A 02AZE140B 02AZE140C 02AZE140D 02AZE140E 02AZE140F 02AZE140G Plug that connects to the measuring instrument Socket type on the measuring instrument Major compatible measuring instruments [Digimatic Caliper /Super Caliper] -500 series CD67-S_PM CD-PMX/PM/GM -550/551 series CDC-P_PMX CDN-P_PMX [Digimatic Carbon Fiber Caliper] -552 series CFC-G/GL/GC/GU [Digimatic Depth Gage] -571 series VDS-PMX [Digimatic Scale Unit] -572 series SD-G [Digimatic Exclusive Caliper] -573 series NTD-PMX/PM [Digimatic Micrometer, QuantuMike] -293series MDC-MJ/MJB/MJT MDE-MJ [Tubular Inside Micrometer] -337 series IMZ-MJ -339 series IMJ-MJ [Digimatic Micrometer Head] -350 series MHN-MB/MJB/ MJNB [Digimatic Exclusive Micrometer] (Models with suffix MJ/MJB/M/MB/ PM/PMB) [Digimatic Holtest] -468 series HTD-R [Digimatic Micrometer Head] -164 series MHD-MB [Digimatic Caliper] -500 series CD-CX/C/S_C -550/551 series CDC-C/CX, CDN-C/ CX [Digimatic Depth Gage] -571 series VDS-DCX/DC [Digimatic Scale Unit] -572 series SD-D/SDV-D [Digimatic Exclusive Caliper] -573 series Models with suffix CX/C [Surface Roughness Tester] -178 series SJ-201/210/301/ 400 [Coating Thickness Gage] -179 series DGE-745/755 [Linear Height] -518 series QMH-S [Reference Gage] -515 series HMD-C [Digimatic Indicator] -543 series ID-H/F [Laser Scan Micrometer] -544 series LSM-9506/6100/ 6200/6900 [μ-checker] Digital μ-checker (Using the foot switch) [Digimatic Micrometer] -121 series BD -164 series MHD-M -227 series CLM -293 series MDQ-M MDC-M [Tubular Inside Micrometer] -337 series IMZ-M [Tubular Inside Micrometer] -339 series IMJ-M [Digimatic Holtest] -468 series HTD [Reference Gage] -515 series HME-DM [Borematic] -568 series SBM-C [Hardness Testing Machines] -810 series HM-100/200 HV-100/HH-411 HR-500 [Digimatic Height Gage] -192/570/574 series HDM-A/AX, HD-A/ AX HDS-H_C/C HDF-N [Digimatic Caliper] -500/550/551 series CD/CDC/CDN [Digimatic Bore Gage] -511 series CG-D [Digimatic Indicator] -543 seires ID-C_X/_RB/_GB ID-C/S/C_A [Digimatic Depth Gage/Digimatic Thickness Gage] -547 series Digimatic model (ID-C/CX) [Digimatic Carbon Fiber Caliper] -552 series CFC-P/-L/-C/-U [Digimatic Scale Unit] -572 series SD-E, SDV-E SD-F, SDV-F [Portable Hardness Testing Instruments] -811 series HH-300 [Digimatic Indicator] -543 series ID-N ID-B Measuring instruments that cannot be connected [Surface Roughness Tester] -178 series SJ-500 [Linear Gage/Counter] -542 series EF-PRH/ZR, EH-P/Z/S/D EB-P/Z/D EC-D [Litematic] -318 series VL-A/AS/AH Reference: Order No. of wiredtype connecting cable 1m 05CZA624 05CZA662 959149 936937 937387 905338 21EAA194 2m 05CZA625 05CZA663 959150 965014 965013 905409 21EAA190 Light gray Light gray Foot switch (optional) Order No. 937179T T h e f o o t s w i t c h i s c o n n e c t e d t o this conne c tor. A much-needed foot switch type connecting cable (lower drawing at right) has been provided in addition to the conventional type (upper drawing at right) of connecting cable between the U-WAVE-T unit and a measuring tool. Identify the connector type compatible with your measuring tool in the following table listing 7 types (A to G), and select either the standard type or foot switch type cable according to the purpose. The table also lists wiredtype connecting cables with the same connector as those 7 types on each measuring tool. Specify those cables as required. Fasten the connector to U-WAVE-T with two screws. U-WAVE-T unit end Measuring tool end DATA Approx. 80mm Approx. 500mm Approx. 80mm To U-WAVE-T unit To measuring tool Figure 2 Foot switch type connecting cable DATA 160mm To U-WAVE-T unit To measuring tool Figure 1 Standard type connecting cable Connec ting cables

13 Combination with application systems Combining this produc t wi th commerciall y available quali t y control sof t ware allows creat ion of s t at is t ic al proces sing and inspe c t ion t ables . N ew func t ions including U -WAV E I D ident i f ic at ion and dat a c ancellat ion have been added. Measurement Data Network System — MeasurLink V6.1 Real-Time PLUS When data is input, MeasurLink displays a variety of statistical processing results including GO/NG judgment, process capability, Xbar-R control chart and histogram on the screen in real time. For details, refer to MeasurLink Catalog No. E4297. Measurement Data Input Screen When using an older version, it is necessary to upgrade to V6.1 to support data cancellation and other new functions in U-WAVE. In V6.0, data can be input in the USB input tool mode with the data interface function (identification by ID is not supported). Other specifications Measuring tool A ID=00 Measuring tool B ID=01 Measuring tool C ID=99 Character information (item information and calculation result) Item name, measured value, error value, upper/lower limits, Cp, Cpk, Pp, Ppk, standard deviation, average, maximum value, minimum value, defect rate, etc. (All selectable) Chart display (control charts,etc.) Xbar-R control chart, Xbar-S control chart, X-Rs control chart, histogram, tear chart, run chart, pre-control chart, statistics, etc. (All selectable) Color-coding of judgment of GO/NG results The color of the outer frame of the call-out corresponds to the GO/NG result. Green Yellow Red OK Standing details can be freely selected. Detailed statistical charts can be arbitrarily displayed. Statistics · Maximum value · Minimum value · Average · Standard deviation S, Rbar/d2 · Process capability Cp, Cpk, Pp, Ppk · Defect ratio · Average ±3σ/4σ/6σ etc. Individual item chart · Xbar-R control chart (a) · Xbar-S control chart · X- Rs control chart · EWMA control chart · Histogram (b) · Run chart · Pre-control chart (c) · Tear chart All item chart · Multivariate control chart · Column indicator · All item Cpk sheet · Multivariate defect ratio (bar graph) · Manager display (4 columns x 3 rows) (Histogram, meter, box and whisker plot, Cpk) Measured value · Measured value data sheet · Parts data sheet (c) (b) (a) · Alarm function: tolerance judgment, control limit value, series, tendency, etc. · Report output: statistical calculation result, chart, measured value, etc. · Comment addition and per-layer function: It is possible to add history information (such as inspector, machine tool, lot number, serial number, and cause of failure) to data as comment so that it can be checked when a problem occurs or used as a keyword to search for or narrow down data. · File import function: Text, PocketDL or other file · File output: Excel, text or other format Association between U-WAVE-T ID and the measured item When there is a one-to-one relationship between the measuring tool and the measured item, data randomly measured by the operator can be automatically input into the associated measured item. When a single measuring tool measures multiple items, determine the measurement order in advance since a single ID cannot identify measured items. When V6.0 or earlier version is used C l o s e t o o u t - o f - tolerance Out-of-tolerance U-WAVE’s New Function (Common): Data Cancel lat ion Funct ion Act ivated by holding down the button Release the button when the U-WAVE-T LED starts blinking orange. Hold down the DATA button for two seconds or longer.

14 Operating environment (recommended) Central management of quality information through construction of measurement data network system MeasurLink Process Analyzer MeasurLink Process Manager Process monitoring Inspection report creation Data acquisition Data acquisition MeasureReport MeasurLink STATMeasure Plus MeasurLink Real-Time Plus Process analysis Factory/quality control Factory/shop floor Centralized management Database server LAN Office Machining shop floor Inspection room Data distributed across the factory can be consolidated. U-WAVE-T U-WAVE-R MeasurLink can be expanded to a network system of server and clients. This software consolidates and centrally manages measurement data generated across the factory (handheld measuring tools to CMMs) to support quality information sharing. MeasurLink V6.1 Real-TimePLUS OS*1: Windows 2000/XP CPU: Pentium II 400 MHz or higher Memory: 512 MB or more Hard disk: 10 GB or more free space I/O: USB port (required for U-WAVE-R connection) Media drive: CD-ROM (required at installation) Other specifications: keyboard and mouse *1: A 64-bit OS is not supported. Combination with application systems Combining this produc t wi th commerciall y available quali t y control sof t ware allows creat ion of s t at is t ic al proces sing and inspe c t ion t ables . N ew func t ions including U -WAV E I D ident i f ic at ion and dat a c ancellat ion have been added.

15 Inspection Table Creation Program — MeasureRepor t V4.1 MeasureReport calls inspection information that has been registered as a master in advance, inputs data from U-WAVE (or other software) to the data input sheet, checks it against the set standard values, and indicates the GO/NG judgment result with a cell color (red: NG, blue: OK). This program creates, prints, and saves the inspection table using the inspection format created in Excel after saving data. Measurement Data Input Screen When using an older version, it is required to upgrade to V4.1 to support the above function. In V4.1, data can be loaded by using the data interface function (identification by ID is not supported). Association between a U-WAVE-T ID and the Measured Item A U-WAVE-T ID can be associated with each measured item. When using a version before V4.0 Inspection table creation Other specifications Creating, printing, and saving an inspection table using your original Excel format · Capacity: Up to 200 items Up to 2,000 workpieces · GO/NG judgment function: tolerance judgment (NG value marked) Workpiece judgment (OK/NG in the judgment field) · Statistical analysis function: 15 items including average, maximum, minimum, standard deviation, range, Cp, Cpk, and fraction defective · Format creation: automatic creation of template format (specification of cells as many as the number of items x number of workpieces) · Inspection table printing and saving: printing and saving in Excel format · Other specifications: alignment of digits after the decimal point, error display, automatic pagination Operating environment (recommended) Measure Report V4.1 No.02ARA784A OS*1: Windows 2000/XP Excel*2: Excel 2000/2002/2003/2007 CPU: 500MHz or higher Memory: 256 MB or more Display: resolution of 1024 x 768 or higher Hard disk: 10 GB or more free space I/O: USB port (required for U-WAVE-R connection) Media drive: CD-ROM (required at installation) Other specifications: keyboard and mouse *1: A 64-bit OS is not supported. *2 Excel must be purchased separately. New U-WAVE function Controlling input destination of measurement data Measured item group 1 Cell movement direction: right Measured item group 2 Cell movement direction: down Possible controls include specification of input items using IDs, grouping of measured items, and specification of the cell to which the cursor moves after input. Measured item 1 Measured item 2 Measured item 3 Measured item 4 Measured item 5 Measured item 6 Work-1 Work-2 Work-3 Work-4 Work-5 Work-6 Measuring tool B (channel 01) Measuring tool A (channel 00) Measuring tool B ID=01 Measuring tool A ID=00 U-WAVE’s new function (common): Data Cancellation Function Activated by holding down the data button It is usually possible to edit an Excel data sheet for use as the inspection format for MeasureReport. Hold down the DATA button for two seconds or longer. Release the button when the U-WAVE-T LED starts blinking orange. U-WAVE U AVE

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