M A K E T H E M O S T O U T O F Y O U R C M M W I T H M I T U T O Y O M C O S M O S v 5 MCOSMOS helps you carry out all your measuring and test jobs at lightning speed, simply and safely. MCOSMOS handles large amounts of data with ease, making it available across all the networked areas of the production chain. This streamlines the measuring process, optimizes the flow of information, and minimizes non-conformances. The result is increased efficiency throughout the production process with significantly reduced costs. With its specialist expansion modules, MCOSMOS can focus on your company's very specific measurement requirements. With Mitutoyo software, you are best prepared for every imaginable 3D coordinate measurement challenge, both now and in the future with maximum flexibility. MCOSMOS is the smart software platform from Mitutoyo, setting international standards for sophisticated 3D coordinate measurement. With MCOSMOS, your coordinate measuring machines become efficient information centers - powerhouses of design, production, and quality control. Streamlined measurements, as well as convenient and reliable data, are at your fingertips throughout the production process. The well-known software suite, MCOSMOS, is recognized as the go-to data processor for Mitutoyo's range of top-of-the-line CMMs. Supported by an extensive lineup of optional software applications, users have full control over a wide range of probe systems ready for any kind of workpiece. 2


NEW GRAPHICAL USER INTERFACE Modeled with a modern design, this new GUI improves on the previous version with a simplified and attractive module display. IMPROVED SEARCH FUNCTION Designed to assist the user’s in their quest for specific elements of their measuring program, editing has become even easier when compared to version 4. 3D TOPOGRAPHICAL VIEWS Added in this new version of MCOSMOS, is the possibility of using a 3D display of the geometr y and microstructure of technical sur faces including visualized tolerance zones, providing operators with a more detailed over view of the workpiece. VERSION 4 Highlights

TWO - POINT SIZE OF PLANES The function "Suppor t of two-point size of planes according to ISO 14405-1" gives MCOSMOS the capability to evaluate the two-point size of two selected planes, which both were calculated by least squares (Gaussian) method. OPTIMIZED FOR LARGE CAD FILES AND SPEED A large amount of progress has been made in Mitutoyo’s optimization for large CAD files over their previous versions of software, lowering process time and improving the overall operation of MCOSMOS. LOGICAL SORTED TABS WITH RESPONSIVE RIBBONS Toolbars are replaced by ribbon control, including contextual tabs. 5

6 PartManager is the versatile management center within MCOSMOS software, the control center for all measurement tasks. From PartManager, users can boot main program modules such as GEOPAK, GEARPAK, CAT1000P/S, etc., or even configuration programs. And most importantly, detailed documentation and archiving of data records are organized here in a simple, convenient, and very user-friendly way. • Per fec t for organizing all notes, repor t s, data, and images throughout the measurement process • Visibly indicated in the par t s list under the available data column • Contains a user management system with detailed user right s and a program change histor y list PartManager Control & Command Center

7 The new tool StylusBuilder enables users easily to create, modify or delete their own custom stylus. System Manager Builder & Configurator Extremely useful with many functionalities, the system manager shows an overview of all of the periphery used with the measuring machine. This includes all preconditions for simulating CNC workflows in CAT 1000 down to the probe configuration. System Manager

Features: • User-friendly menus & graphics • Online /of fline programming capabilit y • High-speed scanning of control geometr y element s • User- definable dialogues and variables for flexible programming • Suppor t of 4 and 5 -axis technology with additional rotar y tables and probe systems • 3D topographical view with a tolerance zone • Automatic element recognition • Flexible customer-specific repor ting • Pure DMISPAK format suppor t • Suppor t of I++ format • P TB - cer tified algorithms for geometr y calculation • FDA 21 CFR Par t 11 compliant func tionalit y: • User and access control • Rev ision management • Forger y- proofed measurement repor t s (PDF Format) This universal geometrical measuring software delivers high-performance multidimensional measurements. With the ability to control your workpiece from design to completion, its various functions make GEOPAK one of the most powerful programs available. Display what needs to be done for workpiece alignment in a step-by-step format. GEOPAK The Geometr y Module Color coded program list for easy and quick program correction 2 Point size of planes Easy-to-use automatic measurement macros Integration of text, images, and audio to guide the operator 8

4 A xis technology suppor ting high-speed scanning Multi-sensor suppor t QVP NON - CONTACT VIDEO PROBE SM1110 NON-CONTACT SCANNING PROBE TP200 TOUCH PROBE SP25M SCANNING PROBE SURF TEST PROBE 9 REVO 2 5 -A x is rapid scanning at any angle PH20 Rapid t ac tile measurement s at any probe angle

CAT1000P puts an end to laborious data input, significantly reducing the difficulty of measurement task programming in GEOPAK. With just a few mouse clicks, all data for measuring parts and tolerance testing can be taken from CAD models. CAT1000P The Programming Module Features: • Simple measurement program creation from the CAD model • Automatic probe change suggestions • Automatic traverse path generation & collision avoidance • Clear representation of the measuring point s in 3D graphics • Automatic conversion of standard sur faces in the event of CAD model errors • Simulation of individual traversing steps & par t programs • Of fline program creation for optimized machine use • Standard inter faces: ACIS (SAT ) / STEP; Non-standard inter faces: CAT IA V4 / CAT IA V5 / Parasolid / Pro/ E / Unigraphics / SolidWork s / Inventor / IGES / VDAFS • All inter faces for CAT1000P can also be used with CAT1000S. • Suppor ted hole shape element s: Solid circles, rec tangles, squares, triangles, trapeziums, hexagons, elongated holes, and teardrops. 10

GD & T Wizard The CAD model-aided dimensional and positional tolerance processing assistant, for defining tolerances and simplifying analysis. Representation in accordance with ASME Y 14.41 standard Graphical representation of point cloud Anal y sis using GD & T W izard CAD model repres ent at ion wi th informat ion window cont aining the measurement resul t s of the geometr ic element s 11

CAT1000S precisely compares solid bent surfaces with their desired setpoint entries from CAD data. The measurement results are then displayed in easily interpreted graphics with sections color-coded based on non-conformances. Su r fa ce qua l i t y c an b e r e p r e s ent e d v i a co l o r sha d i ng o n t h e su r fa ce o f t h e C A D mo d e l . CAT1000S The 3D Freeform Sur face Evaluation Module Features: • Simple & convenient operation • Rapid setpoint / value comparison between entr y and measurement • Rotatable and scalable 3D representation • Representation of non- conformances with color gradations • Flexible & customer-specific repor ting 12

Quantitatively determine your desired contour and reflect this in the production process directly for optimizing workpieces right away thanks to SCANPAK. SCANPAK The 2D Contour Evaluation Module Features: • Sophisticated contour evaluating and processing • Direc t integration of contours into geometric measurement programs • Form scanning & data feedback into the CAD system /machine controls • Graphical representation of tolerance comparison • Flexible repor ting func tions • Multi-sensor suppor t • Unkown 3D bodies on freeform sur faces can be digitized via the Patchscan func tion • Possibilit y to add a four th axis with the optional rotar y tables 13

Automatically transfer measurement results into a SQL database directly available for monitoring, analysis, or reporting in real-time with MeasurLink. Available in several modules offering you a wide range of solutions, these can be combined for a license package best suited to your needs. MEASURLINK® The Statistical Evaluation Module Features: • Scalable data acquisition, management, & analysis. • Libraries sor ted by par t s, routines, traceabilit y, and many more • Advanced analysis of inspec tion data • Application of elec tronic signatures to data • Navigation via self- organized tree struc ture • Complete control over repor ting customization • Per form correlation studies to discover process interac tions • L arge amount s of data can be quickly sor ted via a filtering func tion • Specification adjustment s are backed up under a “revision histor y” 14

MAFIS stands for 'Mitutoyo Airfoil Inspection Software' and enables the calculation of all significant bearing surface parameters, e.g. of turbine blades on airplane engines or even pump blades. It works in association with the MCOSMOS module SCANPAK, for the automatic scanning of workpiece forms. To begin the process, the contour is first entered with SCANPAK, after which in a separate menu the 'bearing surface analysis' can be selected for the evaluation of desired parameters. Using simple pictograms, all the necessary inputs can quickly be carried out. Outputting measured values is possible both in clear lists and graphs. All MAFIS parameters are supported by the MCOSMOS report designer, with which individualized ports can be generated with ease. MAFIS Express The Air foil Inspection Module Features: • Easy-to -use with self- explanator y pic tograms • Evaluation of all significant bearing sur face parameters • Suppor t of all output func tions of MCOSMOS* • Contours can be entered via SCANPAK * Output Functions: Screen output, text output, ProtocolDesigner, and MeasurLink 15

GEARPAK is the module in MCOSMOS specializing in the measurement and evaluation of involute gear profiles. It is used for the rapid generation of measurement programs of gears, evaluations, and reports. GEARPAK Cylindrical Gears with an involute tooth shape can be measured with GEARPAK-Cylindrical. By inputting the gear parameters the measurement program is generated automatically GEARPAK-Cylindrical evaluates the parameters and deviations for profile and flank line, pitch, tooth thickness, space width, dimension over one or two balls, base tangent length, radial runout, single and dual flank working test. GEARPAK Bevel/Hypoid GEARPAK Bevel is currently supporting the measurement and evaluation of the following gears. • Straight-Bevel Gear manufactured by Gleason Works Co.(Ring Gear/Pinion) • Spiral-Bevel Gear manufactured by Gleason Works Co.(Ring Gear/Pinion) GEARPAK Hypoid is currently supporting the measurement and evaluation of the following gear. • Hypoid Gear generated by Gleason Works Co.(Ring Gear [Formate, Helixform]/Pinion) By inputting the gear parameters the measurement program is generated automatically. GEARPAK Worm Cylindrical worms with the following flank types can be measured with GEARPAK-Worm ZI, ZA, ZN, ZK. By inputting the gear parameters the measurement program is generated automatically. GEARPAK Express Cylindrical gears with an involute tooth shape can be measured with GEARPAK-Express. The modern GUI based on the 3D model of the gear, makes GEARPAK Express extremely easy to use. GEARPAK Express supports 4-axis nominal scanning which, in combination with a rotary table, can reduce the measurement time up to 50% * compared with the conventional method. *depending on the gear size and required accuracy. GEAR MEASUREMENT The Gear Measurement Modules 16

ROUNDPAK CMM is the optional roundness testing module within MCOSMOS which specializes in large workpieces that won’t normally fit on a conventional roundness tester. It has been designed to test roundness and cylindricity in combination with GEOPAK, perfect for evaluations and reports. ROUNDPAK CMM The Roundness Testing Module Comes with extended evaluation functions for circles, cylinders, flat surfaces, and straight lines.* Perpendicularity Cylindricity Parallelism Coaxiality and Concentricity Total run-out Run-out Straightness Flatness Roundness *Evaluations of the following parameters: 17

The QUICK LAUNCHER from Mitutoyo is an easy to operate and intelligent means of controlling measuring sequences of all upcoming workpieces in line for measurement. This program is ideal for controlling and making full use of the coordinate measuring machine without interruption. QUICK LAUNCHER The Sequencing Program Features: • Simple and secure par t program selec tion • Controllable measuring sequence for several workpieces • Suppor t s barcode scanners • Ac tivates loading and unloading systems • System for identif ying users can be selec ted* • List of last measurement s displayed with color- coded statuses • Direc t access to complete test repor t s relating to last measurement s * Identification systems: PIN code, barcode cards, magnetic cards, chip code systems, etc. 18

Standard in MCOSMOS v5, the Remote Manager enables CMMs to be smart factory ready. The Remote Manager in MCOSMOS handles the communication with external devices such as robots. Several digital I/O and Fieldbus cards are supported to set up all of the necessary I/O communication needed for a smooth integration of your CMM in automated systems. Custom Measuring Cells | How to Make Your Factory Smart AUTOMATION PACKAGE Scan the QR- Code for our demo video 19

A standard tool within MCOSMOS – the ProtocolDesigner effortlessly lets you draw up new or adapt existing personalized forms for GEOPAK, CAT1000S, MAFIS, and ROUNDPAK. This includes the modification using your own ideas, to implement variables, fields, tables, logos, etc. ProtocolDesigner The Document Creation Tool Features: • Personalised form creation for GEOPAK and CAT1000S, SCANPAK, MAFIS, and ROUNDPAK CMM • Incorporation of images including CAD models, or element graphs Expor t Methods: • Easy Excel expor t s • Tex t expor t s into a CSV file • T I FF and multi-T I FF expor t • PDF expor t • ANSI or ASCI I expor t • HTML / MHTML expor t • JPG, BMP, and EMF expor t * Identification systems: PIN code, barcode cards, magnetic cards, chip code systems, etc. 20

The Fixture Builder Software from Mitutoyo allows you to quickly and easily create virtual CAD models of the clamping fixtures needed for your workpiece. This software can be operated both automatically and manually, for both speedy and specialized setups. Fixture Builder The Fixture Assembly Tool Features: • Quick and easy compilation of tensioning element s • Suppor t s eco -fix element s • Automatic listing of used component s • Provides the CAD model for CAT1000 of fline programming • Work-piece impor t inter faces: ACIS (*.sat), Iges (*.igs) and Step (*.stp) • Expor t format s: Hoops file (*.hsf ), Autodesk (*.dw f ), 3- D PDF (*.pdf ), and ACIS Files (*.sat) 21

Software packages and expansion modules to meet every requirement With this sophisticated modular software system developed by Mitutoyo, you have the ability to select software packages and expansion modules based on your needs. PartManager The command center that boots and manages the MCOSMOS software package. Includes: ProtocolDesigner, ProbeBuilder, DialogDesigner, user management, manager program (unmanned shift). GEOPAK For easy parts program generation (online/offline) for measuring geometrical elements. Includes: high-speed scanning of control geometries for continuous scanning, contact measuring heads, rotary tables are supported as a fourth axis, user-defined dialog support (variable program creation) and flexible reporting. CAT1000S* For control geometry and uncomplicated parts program generation supported by the CAD model. Includes: MachineBuilder, automatic traverse path generation (animated), collision control and simulation of complete parts programs. CAT1000P* For the preparation of setpoint/actual value comparisons from CAD model free form surfaces and measuring points. Includes: MachineBuilder, automatic traverse path generation (animated), collision control and flexible reporting. SCANPAK For the scanning and evaluation of workpiece contours. Includes: Supports single point and continuous scanning measuring heads, rotary tables as the fourth axis, variable contour tolerances, best fit, digitized and flexible reporting. Primary features offered in our software packages * Standard CAD import interfaces: ACIS, STEP Optional CAD import interfaces: CATIA V4, CATIA V5, Pro/E, Parasolid, Unigraphics, SolidWorks, Inventor, IGES und VDAFS 1 BASIC 2 SUPER 3 ULTRA 22


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