2 • T he wide 10mm measuring range is achieved with a high resolution and accuracy specification that eliminates the inconvenience of the need for frequent resetting to master gages, as required by conventional comparator-type gages, and so fewer of these gages are needed. • Measurement data can be stored and controlled by PC software. • The system can measure high-precision parts such as steel balls and rollers for antifriction bearings by comparison with a master gage, also allowing use as the standard of calibration and evaluation of master gages. Features Quality Assurance LGH Stand 971750 Spindle lifting cable 971753 PC software: SENSORPAK 02NGB070 Standard Accessories: Inspection certificate Option · Calibration certificate · Traceability system chart * To connect between a PC and the exclusive counter, a USB cable (A-B type) is required separately. LGH stand 971750 This LGH stand greatly helps the gage to achieve high accuracy. Mass: 23 kg Maximum measuring range LGH-0510(C )-B-EH : 0 -139 mm LGH-1010(C )-B-EH : 0 -137 mm Measuring table: granite Spindle lifting cable 971753 Mass: 50 g Allows the LGH spindle to be lifted and lowered without touching the measuring head. Custom stand 2* Useful for making a stand incorporating a highaccuracy ceramic platen. (Flatness: 0.3μm) * Custom-made option External signal input connector* Allows external signals to trigger data output and zero-set the counter in combination with the foot switch. * Custom-made option Application example • Data output trigger • Preset (zero-set) • Peak hold clear Custom stand 1* Useful for making a stand to mount a custom jig (to user-specified dimensions). * Custom-made option ø30mm mounting bush* For mounting on a commercially-available stand. (User-specified size acceptable) * Custom-made option PC software: SENSORPAK 02NGB070 This is a software program that allows graphic meter indication and control chart display as well as record / storage of measurement data. Inspection of high-precision parts * Needle contact-point mounting example Gage mounting hole ø 15H7 25 (350) 100 250 ø 50 34~175 300 110 80 270 Tapped holes for mounting jig High-accuracy Length Measuring System Footswitch External signal input connector Counter

3 Dimensions Unit: mm LGH-1010(C)-B-EH LGH-0510(C)-B-EH Exclusive Counter (set) Fixation of power cord (T ilt angle when stand equipped) 144 148.2 11.2 137 7.5 138 68 156 (Stand equipped) 72 97 (Stand equipped) 75.1 (Rubber boot equipped) Approx.10° Cable Assy (2m) Connector (detachable) Stem dia for fixation Carbied-tipped, Sø3 901312 Connector for lifting cable 542-716 (low measuring force) LGH-1010C-B-EH Rubber boot not equipped 542-715 (standard) LGH-1010-B-EH (37.6) (25*) ø 4.8 ø 10.4 10.5 63.3 ø 15h6 0 -0.011 40 18 20 10 148.3 (14) 85 25 R20* 542-720 (standard) LGH-0510-B-EH Connector for lifting cable Carbide sphere SR5 120058 Cable (2m) 542-721 (low measuring force) LGH-0510C-B-EH Rubber boot not equipped (stroke) Stem dia for fixation 10 40 18 20 145.9 (stem) 25 10.5 60.9 85 45.4 19.4 ø 15h6 0 -0.011 * Minimum bending radius or minimum dressed dimension Specifications Resolution 0.01μm / Accuracy 0.2μm model Resolution 0.005μm / Accuracy 0.1μm model Order No. 542-715 (Standard) 542-716 (Low measuring force) 542-720 (Standard) 542-721 (Low measuring force) Model LGH-1010-B-EH LGH-1010C-B-EH LGH-0510-B-EH LGH-0510C-B-EH Measuring range 10mm Resolution 0.01 μm (0.05 μm, 0.1 μm, 0.5 μm, 1 μm can be selected from the counter) 0.005 μm (0.01 μm, 0.05 μm, 0.1 μm can be selected from the counter) Measuring accuracy (20°C ) *1 0.2 μm 0.1 μm Repeatability (20°C ) *1 0.1 μm ( 2σ) 0.02 μm ( 2σ) Retrace error (20°C ) *1 0.1 μm 0.05 μm Measuring force Contact point downwards 0.65 N or less Approx. 0.12 N 0.65 N or less Approx. 0.1 N Contact point horizontal 0.55 N or less Not appl icable 0.55 N or less Not appl icable Contact point upwards 0.45 N or less Not appl icable 0.45 N or less Not appl icable Maximum operation speed In normal measurement: 700 mm/sec ; for peak detection: 120 mm/sec In normal measurement: 250 mm/sec Contact point Carbide-tipped, Sø3 mm (M2.5 ( P = 0.45) × 5 mm), standard contact point: 901312 Carbide sphere SR5 (M2.5 ( P = 0.45) × 5 mm), standard contact point: 120058 Stem ø15 mm Functions Zero-setting, presetting, direction changeover, tolerance, judgment (3 steps / 5 steps) Hold function Yes No Power supply Supppl ied AC Adapter, or +12 to 24V DC, max 700 mA Operating temperature / humidity 0 °C - 40 °C (Reference temperature 20 °C ) / 20 - 80%RH (no condensation) 10 °C - 30 °C (Reference temperature 20 °C) / 30 - 70%RH (no condensation) Storage temperature / humidity −10 °C - 60 °C / 20 - 80%RH (no condensation) −10 °C - 60 °C / 20 - 80% (no condensation) *2 Standard accessories Wrench for contact point, rubber boot, stand, washer (for counter), AC Adapter, AC cord, DC plug, user's manual, inspection certificate *1 Applies when used with counter (excluding quantizing error). *2 The storage temperature/humidity range after unpacking is the same as the operating temperature/humidity range. Refer to the Linear Gage(Catalog No.E13013) for more details

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